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Welcome to the new information portal for the Chung Do Association!

Follow the checklist below to get registered for this site, and any upcoming events!

1. Create an account

To begin, you will need to create and confirm an account on the portal. You only need one account per family, but you are free to create as many accounts as you like!

2. Confirm your email

After you register with your email address and create a password, you will receive an activation email. That email will provide you with an activation link. Clicking the activation link from the email will bring you right back to the portal, and your account will be ready to go!

3. Fill out your profile

From there, it's time to fill out your profile. If you are a currently active student, you will be able to enter your profile information (including which school you primarialy attend, what your belt rank is, etc). If you are a parent and don't train with us, that's OK (but you really should consider it!). Your profile page will have options to fill out the same info for your family members.

3. Register for events!

When your profile is completed, you're ready to register for the tournament and other events! You can find a link to the tournament registration right on the dashboard/home page. Check back in the future for further events!